Time to connect!

The more active we are, the better the European future that awaits us

My name is Ruben, I'm 26 years old and after finishing my degree in European Studies I realized I could further my knowledge. 

I started looking for information about the European Union, how it’s governed, how it works, its institutions and after watching EYE2021 online, I discovered together.eu and the unidos.eu platform at the same time.

After registering on unidos.eu I became clear that there was no end of events that I could have access to either in person or online. I have attended several webinars and seminars and the experience has been amazing. The sharing of ideas and knowledge in various areas is very appealing and we can even contribute ideas to the platform.

It really is possible to build and share knowledge remotely!

 You can attend webinars with both Portuguese and non-Portuguese MEPS, find out where other events are taking place within the EU or even choose events on the basis of topics that appeal to you. You can also choose events not taking place in English, which I found very interesting as it is a way of enriching my knowledge of languages.

Generally speaking, I found the idea super creative and innovative, especially during times like these. Having the opportunity to form part of a platform/community like unidos.eu is simply ‘unreal’ because it allows you to access a whole new type of knowledge, which was way more difficult up until now.

I also feel that the community is very accessible, which is why I have already recommended it to several people because, irrespective of our academic backgrounds, we mustn’t forget that we are all Europeans.

I also joined because I want to be an active European citizen when it comes to European affairs and help as many people as possible by explaining to them how the EU works. I think the more active we are, the better our future in Europe will be. 

To sum all of this up a little, I feel it’s a European platform, for Europeans.

Ruben, Portugal